We, as members of NAPTOSA, are aware that the development of our country is fundamentally dependent upon the quality of education provided to its citizens. In humble acknowledgement of the honour and responsibility entrusted to us, we will uphold the dignity of our chosen profession, engaging in the holistic education of each child in our care and the continuing development of our peers, our communities and ourselves.

Our professional conduct will encompass, but not be limited to, the following standards:

  • At all times the needs and welfare of the individual learner must be of central importance. When we exercise professional judgement both duty and compassion shall inform our decisions. We bear in mind that we do not teach lesson plans or intellectual challenges – we teach human beings.
  • We respect and protect the rights of every individual in our communities as laid out in the Constitution of South Africa.
  • We will serve and educate all learners with equal dedication, irrespective of gender, race, culture, religion, political affiliation, intellectual capacity and sexual orientation, delivering the curriculum so as to enable all learners to develop their skills, knowledge, values and attitudes in a changing environment.
  • We refrain from improper or inappropriate relations with learners, be these physical, sexual, political or emotional. Rather, in all our actions and words, in and out of our educational institutions, we will promote by example the integrity of our profession by modelling respect for diversity, compassion and commitment.
  • We accept that we are leaders in our communities and acknowledge that this may require us to speak out when others remain silent; to be innovative in solving problems when others wait for instruction; to obey the dictates of our own conscience, even when this is inconvenient.
  • We foster an environment of collegiality, collaboration, co-operation and sharing of resources between educators and educational institutions for the betterment of teaching and of learning.
  • We support the rights of parents, engaging them as partners in our efforts and promoting harmonious relations wherever possible.
  • We shall exercise discretion and respect the confidentiality of the information to which our profession gives us access concerning learners, parents and the community.
  • We take responsibility for the renewal and protection of our profession, advancing the image of teaching through professional language, learning, conduct and reflection.

 In humility, and remaining aware of our own frailty, we undertake to live up to the ideals of teaching, working always to enhance our profession and doing nothing to diminish it.

 Serve with Dignity