The pensions redress programme that ran for a period of ten years between 2002 and 2012 and was, for many years, followed by processes of verification and re-verification of applications as well as actuarial calculations, was eventually closed out by means of PSCBC Resolution 2 of 2018.

The programme was the result of negotiations between the unions to the PSCBC and the employer in terms of which agreement was reached that the employer would ring fence funds to address the position of employees affected by past discriminatory practices, specifically as it pertained to pensions.

During the currency of the programme, employees whose pensions had been affected by these practices, were invited, through adverts in the media and communication by the unions to the PSCBC, to apply for redress. NAPTOSA also informed members at the time and urged those affected to submit their applications.

It has now come to NAPTOSA’s attention that subsequent to the first payments having been effected to successful pensioner applicants (remember that successful applicants who are currently in service will not receive payouts, but will have their years of pensionable service adjusted), there are persons going around calling meetings, purporting that the redress programme could possibly be re-opened. Members and former members are advised to approach this initiative with caution, especially if they are required to make any financial contributions.

NAPTOSA has informed the PSCBC of these meetings and it is expected that it will be discussed in the Council.

Employees whose applications were declined, are advised to approach their nearest GEPF regional or satellite office (see to obtain information for the decision.